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A beautiful topic, a disappointing outcome: brand neu was asked to create a Corporate Design for the relaunch of an Irish Company: Warwick Technology LTD who had taken over the site of a glazing manufacturing plant that ceased operations earlier after 100 years of production.
Sadly, WTL never seemed to take off. Anyway, the people responsible for paying bills disappeared without a trace, and we had to go away empty-handed, alongside with the other service providers.
Here are the logo drafts for “WTL – The Glass Specialist”. Needless to say: Glass is such an amazing material, and evokes notions such as “clean”, “crisp”, “sharp”, “cool”, “light”, “precise”…  Target market: Architectural Consultants, Project Managers, Construction Specialists. The Client wanted it to be clean, professional, projecting a culture of Quality Management – and was very happy with the result… Alas!