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print, webdesign and more ongoing change


The EUREF Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg is a rapidly growing “place of the future”. The 5.5-hectare areal has turned into a new city district for companies in the field of renewable energies and future mobility, a symbol of the shift to renewable energy in Germany. More and more people are working, researching and learning here from year to year – currently more than 3,500 people in more than 150 companies focusing on energy, mobility and sustainability.

Since 2017, I have been taking on design projects for EUREF-AG. The founders of EUREF-AG have not yet been able to establish a formal corporate design process. Together with the marketing team, I am working on a (more) consistent visual identity, application by application, that is easy to implement for everyone involved – with the aim of increasing the design quality with each project. From postcards to the relaunch of the extraordinarily extensive website, numerous small and large design tasks have contributed to the evolution of a “corporate design through the back door” in the last years.

The website of EUREF AG (currently approx. 70 pages, 230 portfolio entries and 80 articles) features a lot of complex forms, interactive elements and customized solutions for the clients needs. Several pages for other companies of the EUREF Group were also created, such as and