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There is this brilliant idea that you have been bearing in mind for a long time, nourished, enhanced, revised – and then it is ready to put it into action.
Starting a new business (whether it is a service, a tech start-up, a store – or whatever genius idea you might have) is probably one of the most exciting experiences.
Let me support you in the process – and make your baby look great, giving it just the look it needs to stand out from the very first minute.
brand neu co was launched to create great design for start-ups, that is affordable, individual and highly professional at the same time.
After more than 10 years experience in corporate design for international clients (40+ accounts, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens or DHL, as an associate senior designer for MetaDesign Berlin) as well as family businesses, I found out what I love most – to help entrepreneurs start their business, with all the professional knowledge and creativity you would expect from a full service corporate design agency, for a start-up budget.
You can get all your design needs out of one hand, without any pricy detours or loss of information,
 brand neu co provides what you need – that can (but does not have to) include logo design, basic brand elements [for instance corporate colors, fonts, layout elements, image style], stationery/office supplies (like business cards, letter templates etc.), website design, printed matter, advertising material, packaging design, commercial interior design, tradefair booth design, signage, façade design.
“I never could have done this project without you, seeing the design evolve kept me going.
Good design is crucial to communicate what a new business is about – that’s why working with you proved a boon for Traute & Muse.”
Anna Sun Barthold,
Traute & Muse