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Opening a modern sewing workshop in Westphalia certainly is a challenge, despite the recent craft revival.
Anna Sun Barthold, a graduated costume designer, gives it a try.
In her store she offers a fresh perspective on sewing, with open consultation, unusual classes and inventive workshops, as well as a selection of vintage fabrics and notions.
Traute & Muse also provides several machines, supplies, and cutting tables for use on projects that require serious hardware.
The owner’s vision was to open a really contemporary store, definitely not too sweet, hoping to attract a very diverse clientele.
Anna is a transplant from Berlin, and she aims to bring a little bit of the rough-edgy Berlin twist to her new home town.
The location is in a hip area of a medium sized university town.
The corporate design for this special shop was developed in tight collaboration, starting with the logo, stationery, website, elements for the interior design, signage and creative materials – always on a restricted budget.