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Modular Cowboy is a US-based electronic music label started by techno artist and producer Jay Ahern in 2012.
The name and the visual language originate from Ahern’s relocation to the United States, finding himself in the stark beauty of the American South West and realigning his artistic identity.
The label focuses on deep club tracks, live improvisational works and music apps that share the label’s creative vision of performance based sound design and strong visual aesthetics with the end-user.
The label is an exclusive outlet for Ahern to release his collaborations with artists such as Morgan Packard and commission remixes from inspirational Berlin-based producers such as Berghain resident DJ Norman Nodge and exciting new talent such as Jonsson/Alter.
In addition to traditional releases, Modular Cowboy will also release sample packs and other tools for DJs and producers.
brand neu co is in charge of all things visual: logo, cover art work, web site and photography have been developed in close collaboration with Jay Ahern, Morgan Packard and the PR team from Green Galactic.