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IRRUPT was founded in summer 2015 – with a first introduction to the public at the Amsterdam dance Event in October 2015 – and launched in December 2015. The team behind Irrupt includes veterans of music distribution, music production and online commerce: chairman Eloy Lopez and A&R rep Brad Roulier are two of the three founders of Beatport, and Jay Ahern, Irrupt’s CEO, is a veteran of Hard Wax.

The site is an elevated alternative to the traditional sound/sample packs that electronic music producers have been using for decades.

It was a great experience to create the corporate identity with the founders in Denver from the very beginning – with an amazing and dedicated founding team, but on a tight schedule.

The design of the website is focusing on the products, avoiding a convoluted structure. There are no Top Sales charts, or DJ recommendations, which are found on pretty much every other online music retailer. The absence of these typical sales tools is discouraging customers from gravitating to the same sounds as everybody else, and encourage users to dig deeper and discover their own style.

The sound products are created by top producers in each genre, but Irrupt won’t be trading on the names of these sound designers – so it’s up to the artwork, the titles and unconventional descriptions to represent the quality products alongside the demos.

Update 2020: Due to the revised business model, the website was changed to a B2B-Showcase, replacing the B2C sales platform.

The B2B website was created and implemented by brandneudesign, with imagery by The Firm Graphics / Denver.